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Beauty Retouching in Photoshop

Description: Let's do some Beauty Retouching in Photoshop . Lights, camera, action. Time to turn the glitz on and spin raw beauty into pure perfection. Take a peek at Tinsel Town's newest plastic surgeon. Watch this glittery gal perform virtual nose jobs, eye-lifts, and collagen injections right before your very eyes. Put on your shiny, bright lab coat and accompany her on her rounds. Get geared up to gain your Ph.D. in pretty pixels...beware flawless faces ahead!

Reality Retouching

Reality retouching should be invisible. Your mission is to be as stealthy as possible—get in and out without being detected. You will probably not receive any credit for this mission because nobody's supposed to know about it. You, your client, and your team (if any) are the only ones who will receive the quiet satisfaction of a job well done.

For the first example, consider an image that was designed as a point of purchase (POP) display for Reflexxions. As is typical with makeup companies, the client wants the girl in the display to look as natural as possible, while still being "perfect"—definitely a job for reality retouching.

Read rest of this great tutorial here


wouldn't it be nice to go and get cosmetic surgery. That way you wouldn't need photoshop to make you look good.

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