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Advance Metal Glass Logo

Metal Glass Logo
Brief Description: Advance glass logo photoshop. In this tutorial we are going to see that how to create a logo like this from scratch in Photoshop. This is very useful when you are working on some kind of interface or skins or even websites. Just follow the step by step. Advance Metal Glass Logo.

Read Full Tutorial Here...

Unfortunately this is deleted. I have found another awesome tutorial on "Metal Glass Logo". Below is the screen capture of that.

Its in turkish language I think. But everything is explained through images. So language will not be a problem at all. I found this Photoshop metal glass logo absolute awesome.

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hi, i was going to follow this tutorial: Advance Metal Glass Logo and the link to follow it is broken or doesn´t exist anymore.

Would you be able to fix it please, I´m very interested in it.


I can´t put my google account don´t know why, this is my email, thanks:

Awesome Metal Glass Logo, Turkish language no problem, Thanks for sharing man :)

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